1. Watching Time
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Watching Time

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Copyright Joanne Cooper and Rachael Scherf 2016


It doesnt seem that long ago
You were barely two
Id have to leave my warm dark bed
to keep an eye on you

Longing for the hours to pass
I'watch the time tick by
but when you wait time seems to crawl
when I would have it fly

Wishing I had more time
for myself

Guiltily I hold my breath
watching time
guilty then is a mother's fate
watching time

You grew so fast and sure
you were nearly ten
I couldn't watch your tennis match
wasnt time back then

Wouldnt help out at your fair
TIME I cried once more
The days flew by in such a rush
faster than before

Wishing I had more time
for my child

Time marches by you have children of your own
Time has slowed right down again Now that you are gone