Band-in-a-Box Backing Tracks

Take your musical experience to the next level with my Band-in-a-Box backing track app. Not only can you play along with my personal collection of professional-grade backing tracks, but you can also download them and, using your own implementation of Band-in-a-Box to manipulate them to suit your own style. Using the app you can simply download the Band-in-a-Box SGU files, transfer them to your PC and use  Band-in-a-Box to customize the tempo, key, and arrangement.

 Whether you're practicing for a performance, jamming with friends, or composing your own music, my Backing tracks give you the starting point you need to achieve your musical vision. Download the Band-in-a-Box backing track app and boost your musical journey with confidence!"

Note: you need to be a Band-in-a-Box user to customize my SGU files.

Band-in-a-Box App for IOS:

Band-in-a-Box App for Android: