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If you are a music hobbyist, vocalist, or songwriter and are struggling with finding inspiration in your musical life or if you are unable to afford to recruit professional session musicians and book time in a studio, then we can help. Band-in-a-Box will take you from idea to demo in only a few minutes. Check out my video on how to go from idea to demo in under two minutes using Band-in-a-Box

if you are a solo gigging musician who needs bass and drums to help you achieve a fuller sound then Band-in-a-Box is your answer. 

If you are a music student who wants to improve your ear training and playing, Band-in-a-Box is the perfect companion to keep you motivated and on track. If you are a teacher who wants to easily make backing tracks, in all the keys, for your students to practice to, Band-in-a-Box is the BEST tool on the web.

Band-in-a-Box is simply the best auto-accompaniment tool on the web! You simply type the chords of your song into an easy to use interface, select a style and, bingo, you have a beautiful backing track with real musicians playing real instruments of your choice along with your chord progression, tempo, and key. It really is that easy.  

About Joanne Cooper

I am Joanne Cooper, a singer-songwriter and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I aim to bring the joy back into making music for singers, musicians, teachers, students, and songwriters, no matter what the level of expertise, by providing auto-accompaniment software (Band-in-a-Box) as well as guitar play-along videos. I have been a dedicated Band-in-a-Box user since 2012 and have produced hundreds of songs, both covers, and originals using this unique tool

After working and socializing with literally hundreds of musicians I've found that most artists, students and teachers don't need more ideas - they need help fully implementing these ideas so that they can move the needle in their musical growth.

As a reseller of this wonderful product, I will share my strategies, workflow, and expertise that I have gained over the last eight years and hundreds of songs and have seen work time-and-time again with other musicians just like you. You will learn how to use Band-in-a-Box and stay on track to achieve your musical goal.

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