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Join hundreds of guitar players who, just like you, want to enjoy their guitar playing. Here's what some Playiit members have to say:

John "Mike" Ryan: Thanks for offering these great songs Joanne

Toni Massari: Hey Joanne, I am a 67-year-old grandmother who loved playing guitar in her youth. I busked when I lived on the road and many of the songs I played then are on your playlist. With work, children and the vicissitudes of life (and, sadly the death of my little boy, aged 9) I lost heart and my guitar gathered dust for decades, barely ever played. Then I came across the Fusion Guitar and decided to support their efforts to create a stand-alone electric guitar, with a built-in amp and speakers, and dock for an iPhone. When they sent me mine I was over the moon that the neck is flat and slim enough for my old, arthritic hands. Your channel is tipping that gift with a cherry on the top! Ad Majora, Madame! THANK YOU!

Anonymous: Hi, just wanted to let you know that in my late teens and early 20s I played bass guitar in a rock group. The army took us one at a time, which ended our group. Only playing the bass guitar, I never really picked up an electric or acoustic guitar only knew (E) (A) and (B7) chords on a guitar. Finally, at 78 years old, I picked up a guitar and started practicing. My fingers can"t pick fast so I play rhythm and now at 80 years old I follow you and I feel I'm a fairly good rhythm strummer. I play along with almost all your old-time Rock and Roll, also country. Thank you for being there to push me along. 😘.

Randy George: Hi Joanne, my name is Randy I live in Mesa Arizona I've been playing guitar for almost 45 years and when I found your channel it made it so much more fun to play songs that I didn't think I'd be able to play. so thank you for making them as simple as they can be along with the words that my friends can sing along with what you've done is unique I haven't seen anything else like it. I look forward to some new songs from you soon. all the best Randy

António Machado: Thanks for your contribution to my music skills Joanne. I appreciate what you do. Peace and Love, António.

Bob K: Love to play along with your videos. This has helped my rhythm. Thanks!

William T Lenherr: Joanne you are the best!

Dave j: Brilliant for us old guys !!

Bob Sobel: Great stuff

Ian Stewart: Thanks for all the hard work. I like playing along with your videos.

WBWood: Thanks for the help that your items are giving me as I attempt to expand my enjoyment of guitar music during my retirement!

Ray Loughran: Keep up the good work. I always seem to find a new song to learn

Gerald Senese: This is great...thanks!

CelWeiss: Thank you so much for the great videos. It's fun to play along on my guitar as ukelele as well.

Dan DeHart: You are a great resource for other solo performers like me and I really appreciate what you do.

Judith Whiffin: Mostly I play along with my ukulele, but I'm in the process of also learning guitar. Thanks for all you do!

Edgar Oliva: I love what you do. I went back to learning to play the guitar again following the songs on your channel. Ed Oliva

LINDA LANCASTER: I love your videos. Thank you

Len: Your videos are awesome, keep up the good work!

Trevor Barnett:  love what you do and it reacquaints me with songs I love.

Kelvin M Laguer: Don't where you came from or what your mission in life is but I just gotta tell ya thaty our videos have infused life back into my joy for playin'. I picked her up after years of neglect rubbed the dust off of her, tuned her up, and began to actually get back into the swing of things even at my late age. It was like a miracle. I grew up poor and could never afford training so I never amounted to nothing...till you came along. My God, it was like a miracle. I could never thank you enough Ms. Cooper. God bless your soul for such visionary work....thank ya, thank ya!

Paul Dittmeier: Yes she is an angel. I picked up my guitar 2 years ago which I purchased in 1974 and hadn’t played since ‘80. I am now playing 2 hours minimum a day, most of it is Joanne’s content. Thank YOU Joanne Cooper!!

Mario Sánchez Gaytàn: Hi Joanne, Kevin is correct,, I saw your excellent videos You have revived my interest to playing guitar again, thank you very much.

Timothy Keller Vandweller: I thank you for your videos... from the bottom of my heart and most sincerely. 🌻 

Brooklin Funkproject: There is no doubt that you do an excellent service for all musicians, AND for the music too!  Thank you most sincerely for all you do!  Be well.