1. The Wolf
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The Wolf

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Written by Joanne Cooper and John C Gull


A helicopter in the sky
Carries a hunter whose orders, wolves must die
Ranchers want them out of state
Killings happen at an unprecedented rate
On the snow below he sees a pack
He prepares to start his fateful attack
Bullet strikes he hears the cry
The snow below runs red with blood
The snow is red with blood
The snow runs red with blood

A wounded wolf took off and ran
Into the woods the hunter could not scan
He told the pilot he must land
He took a trail of blood to find the wolf’s last stand
When he came to the place he realized
That all he’d heard was a just pack of lies
Just a web of lies
Tissue of lies

He put the wolf out of his pain
Dug a grave and put him out of the snow and rain
He cursed and smashed his gun against a tree
He cried for lost humanity
He had learned to expect an attack
A wounded wolf will always fight back
But the wolf did not attack
The wolf did not fight back

When we kill their natural prey
How can we blame them when they stray?
Help us save
the forest that they grace
Let them have their space
help us save
the forest that they grace