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Cecil the Beautiful

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Written by Joanne Cooper
Published by Sheer Publishing

I was recently approached to set these heart wrenching lyrics about Cecil the lion to music. The lyrics were written by John C Gull and the music was written by myself.
All proceeds of the song and video are being donated to the AWARE Trust of Zimbabwe.


All over the world people shed tears today
Beautiful lion has been taken away
Hunted for his magnificent mane
Has the world gone completely insane?

Never again will we hear him roar at night
Never again see him in the morning light
The majesty of his mighty roar
Is lost to us, forever more.

He was lured out of his sanctuary
An act that lives in infamy
Caught in the glare of the brightest of light
Didnt know the hunter had him in his sights

For 40 hours you suffered unbearable pain
They tracked you down and found you again
After finishing off with a gun,
They stood behind you laughing, having fun

So many animals killed every year
Slaughtered by hunters no shame to spare
Killing rhinos, elephant and more
To have a trophy they can hang over their doors

And yet so many of us must share the blame
Many of us must hang our heads in shame
It took his death for us to see the light
It took his death for us to do what's right.

What we now must achieve
Stand strong we will succeed
Raise the voice of who believe
We can force the hunters out, they must leave

Cecil we miss you still
And I guess we always will
On the plains and in the hills
In the name of Cecil no blood will be spilled