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Nothing to Lose

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Just a bit of fun that was composed in response to a TV/film request for a nothing to lose type song but now a downer song.


A modern day Don Quixote
Chasing shadows on the wall
Trying to find and brand new rhyme
for hope
Staring out across the ocean
Looking for a patch of land
Trying to see and place where he
can dance

He’s free to watch life go
Clock ticks but no-one knows
Nowhere to hide no road to choose
Time passes year by year
The door shuts on empty air
Nothing to win nothing to lose

He packs his courage up in his suitcase
He wanders where on earth he'll go
Trying to meet a life that he
can share
The air is still here after midnight
You can hear the devil breathe
Trying to be a man that he
Can love

Forget perfection
there's no such thing
Just see the light
the cracks let in