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09 Play songs with you again

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Many years ago I played in a duo called "Alice Band" with my friend Karen Wilmot. We played the pubs around town and had a complete blast!! For a while we shared a cottage in Johannesburg. We set up our PA and a mirror in the spare room and used to rush home from work and go straight into that room and play and sing for hours on end. We had a whole set of wigs that we used to use in our act,, hence the reference to the wigs in the song.


Sleeping on the sofa I fell into a dream
We are "Alice Band" again a revival it would seem
We're back there in that cottage working out some chords
You are playing Elvis and I forget the words

I'd give it all up to play
songs with you once more
To be there in that cottage
Just like we were before

I''m singing some Cat Stevens we are drinking wine
You tell a funny story we're just passing time
We play at Jill's birthday and we put on our wigs
I fall off the stage at one very rowdy gig

We play again at Coochies its empty and its sad
Only Andrew at the bar the only fan we had
We play at Ohla's party the song goes out my mind
And Philip's misbehaving we blame it on the wine

How many years have gone rushing past
Remembering the times that could never last
It was so easy laughing having fun
Our chances of success a million to one