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A Song to Wake you in the Morning

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This is the first song written and recorded for FAWM 2017 (February Album Writing MonthP

It is based on a public domain poem by Helen Hoyt
Action Poem
A Song to Wake Your Dear in the Morning


I kiss a lock of your hair:
Do you feel me there,
Sleepy one?

I put a kiss on your brow:
Are you waking now?
sleepy one?

kiss your left eye kiss your right
They are both fastened tight

I kiss you on your nose
Where your sweet breath goes,
Sleepy one!

I put a kiss on each ear:
What is it you hear?
sleepy one!

A kiss for that cheek; kiss for this:
How many kissed will you miss!

la la la.....

I kiss you on the lips I love:
Now You wake and move!
Sleepy one!

la la la.....

Sleepy one,
My kisses are all done.