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Stuck in my Mind

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Copyright Joanne Cooper and John Hudome
Sun is setting in the west
Maybe I can get some rest
Days I sit here locked inside
Living here inside my mind

Lost in thoughts of yesterday
Doesn’t matter anyway
Darker thoughts haunting me
on my own by never free

I know you don’t understand
Try to do the best I can
Find the place I'm looking for
Still I hope to find more
Fear there’s nothing left inside

… Tears, pain showing on my face…
… Fears, again, echo in this place…
… You say you're coming back some time…
… I live here waiting stuck here in my mind

Last call, its all too clear
closing time is near
Shut it down and lock the door
I expect, nothing more

Floating on a cloud
Music plays too loud
Words are all unclear
Turning hope to fear