Welcome to my website. I am Joanne Cooper, a singer-songwriter and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I aim to bring the joy back into making music for singers, musicians, teachers, students, and songwriters, no matter what the level of expertise, by providing auto-accompaniment software (Band-in-a-Box) as well as guitar play-along videos.

Band-in-a-Box is simply the best auto-accompaniment tool on the web! You simply type the chords of your song into an easy to use interface, select a style and, bingo, you have a beautiful backing track with real musicians playing real instruments of your choice along with your chord progression, tempo, and key. It really is that easy. I have been a dedicated Band-in-a-Box user since 2012 and have produced hundreds of songs, both covers, and originals using this unique tool.  Please view my video "How to make a quality backing track in under two minutes using Band-in-a-Box" for a very quick demo on how to do exactly that.

Secondly, I have been making guitar play-along videos and publishing them to my YouTube channel since 2014. These are like karaoke for guitar with chords and lyrics scrolling along in time to the song or backing track. The channel has gone from strength to strength with over 22,000 subscribers and 30 million views. I continue to serve guitar players by publishing a new video nearly every day.

What brings you to my website?

Band-in-a-Box and RealBand Zoom training Saturday 8th August
  • Band-in-a-Box and RealBand Zoom training Saturday 8th August
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Please note: This training is only suitable for Band-in-a-Box Windows users as it makes heavy use of RealBand as an interim step between Band-in-a-Box and your DAW. (The Mac version does not have RealBand)

Please use this link to find out what time the training is taking part in your part of the world https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Band-in-a-Box++and+RealBand+for+Windows+Zoom+training&iso=20200808T13&p1=1440&ah=2

During this two hour Zoom training we will be covering the following topics: - setting up the song chassis in Band-in-a-Box - Recording your lead vocal in RealBand - Editing your lead vocal in RealBand - Generating harmonies in RealBand - Recording and editing harmonies in RealBand - Arranging your song by editing and adding instruments in RealBand - Using stops and holds to sweeten your arrangement in RealBand - Adding effectes (Reverb and compression) in RealBand - Preparing/ mastering your song for release

TIME PERMITTING we will cover: - Tuning and lining up your lead vocals and harmonies using Melodyne - Using Nectar and Ozone from Izotope - A summary of what is in each version of Band-in-a-Box - Tips for installing Band-in-a-Box - Tips for performing with Band-in-a-Box

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