What brings you to my website?

Welcome to my website. I am Joanne Cooper, a singer-songwriter from Johannesburg South Africa. 

I have been playing the guitar since I was 13 years old and have always loved to sing, play and perform. Over the last few years I have built an online presence around my music and I hope you will find something of interest on this site.

Firstly, I am a reseller of the wonderful PG Music product called Band-in-a-Box. This is simply the best auto-accompaniment tool on the web! You simply type the chords of your song into an easy to use interface, select a style and, bingo, you have a beautiful backing track with real musicians playing instruments of your choice along with your chord progression, tempo, and key. It really is that easy. I have been a dedicated Band-in-a-Box user since 2012 and have produced hundreds of songs, both covers, and originals using this unique tool. I have also produced a video course and an e-Book and have gathered a huge archive of Band-in-a-Box songs. When you purchase Band-in-a-Box from me, you will automatically be given a "starter kit" of the eBook, video course, and a few of my personal Band-in-a-Box songs.

Then we have my play-along videos on Youtube. A few years ago I started making play-along videos with scrolling chords and lyrics, karaoke-style, of the backing tracks of the songs in my setlist. The idea was that I could take these videos along to my gigs and I would not need a separate MP3 player and songbook. Then I had the thought that other people would enjoy these videos and I started uploading them to Youtube. Since then the channel has gone from strength to strength with over 20,000 subscribers and 28 million views.

Lastly, feel free to explore my songwriting and music some of which can be streamed from major streaming platforms and some of which can be downloaded or streamed right from this site. 

Before you leave... please add your email to my mailing list so you can be kept informed from time to time.


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