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12 A Beautiful Life

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This one is inspired again by some podcasts I have been listening to recently. Specifically Byron Katie being interviewed by Oprah.

I wanted to write something similar to Sonny's Dream but making it positive and hopeful. Couldn't conjure up a Celtic folk tale and ending up with this


She grew up on a farm
Open spaces and sleepy streams
Daddy was not around
her mother lost in dreams

Puts on plays in her room
Watched only by toys
Gazes at the falling rain
never makes much noise

And through it all she never frets
Through trouble and through strife
And through it all she never doubts
The beauty of her life

She walks the land she climbs the hills
In quiet solitude
Shes not along or lonely
each and every day renewed

Her mother and her father fight
She climbs into the chest
Softy hums a simple tune
Holds teddy to her breast


Now the years have passed on by
She's still living all alone
Her body's old but hearts still full
Is all she's ever known