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07 The weathers really good here

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Some of you may be aware of the economic turmoil that is happening in my home country of Zimbabwe. It is a complete shambles.

My sister and my mum still live there so this song is based on conversations I have with them all the time.

I went up there in October last year and I could just smell trouble brewing. It is such a pity because it is a truly beautiful country with such a lot of potential. It is going to take someone very brainy to get them out of this economic mess.

But the most amazing thing is how resilient the Zimbabweans are. They still smile and laugh even though things are going to pot around them. No matter how bad it is the weather is still good and everything is still okay.


I went back home to my old town
Just the other day
Took a tour though my old school
To pass the time away
The fields were all over gown
Since I passed this way
I met a young guy walking through
Here's what he had to say

My sister has been poorly
My father's got the flu
We cant get any petrol
and now the bread's short too
But even if we could
we could never pay
But the weather's really good here
and everything's okay

If we go out drinking
I offer the first round
Cause if I wait until the last
Its doubled pound for pound
Im saving up my dollars
In case I'm in a bind
Using up RTGS
Some shops dont seem to mind

But even if they did
then they would never say
And the weather's really good here
and everything's okay
And if we want to fly down south
Is a mission just to pay
You have dodge the potholes
to swipe your card that day

And even if I couldnt
then I would still remain
And the weather's really good here
and everything's okay
But colas really cheap here
I dont know why that is
Perhaps its made up locally
But it doesnt have much fizz

And wine dont even talk to me
We cannot drink a drop
Its way to dear for us to drink
Extortion has to stop
I spend my time in petrol queues
its really not much fun
I try to laugh I try to joke
while baking in the sun

But even if I didnt
I would surely stay
Cause the weathers really good here
And everythings okay