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Tissue Paper Child (the rock ballad)

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This song was inspired by my son who is very “non-conformist”. We are always trying to get him to do his school work…tidy his room…etc….sometimes I think we are trying to push a square peg into a round hole. I started to wonder if pushing a square peg into a round role is a such good thing, all that happens is the peg changes shape and is that what we really want? Young children are so easy to influence. We can change them with a careless word. We should be careful with our words and actions because they are just like tissue paper. I asked Roger, a colleague in England, to have a go at "rocking the song up". He produced a great rock ballad arrangement, with some phenomenal backing vocals from this team Credits are: Backing recorded at Music-Prof, York, England. Backing vocals - Jessie Lush, Courtney Ward and Josh Kenyon. Guitars - Beth Thomas and Roger Jackson. Bass - Alex Richards. Keyboards - Roger Jackson. Mixed and mastered at Music-Prof.


Copyright Joanne Cooper