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13 Fake It

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This was a response to the challenge by @metalfoot to put music to his chords and lyrics. Here is my take on these great lyrics. It was a good idea also putting the chords there because it gave me a structure to work within.


The radiant glow of the setting sun
Brings to mind all we have done
Recalls the ever-changing years
And now my eyes fill up with tears

I cant fake it anymore
I can take it anymore
Now that you're gone
Its hard to move on
I cant fake it any more

The ebbing tides of the ocean shore
They bring a sadness to my soul
Prompt my mind of our old days
And leaves me rolling like the waves

Since you're gone
I know that I cant stay
Since you're gone
I've got to find a way
Since you're gone
How can I break from this old dance
Since you're gone
I need to find a new romance