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01 I think I better go

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This in response to a challenge from
@nateger where he invited writers to donate the first line of one of their songs and others to take that line and build a song from that it. A fun challenge for sure.

I took @bithprod first line and wrote this song. Looking back I wish I hadn't used the word "damn" so much 😀


Armed with only fading hope
I think I m going to go
Im walking out by our back door
I where I dont even know

To pack my bags wont take me long
I've not much here you see
One scruffy case one old cat
Thats really all I'll need

We've been on this rocky road
for too for too damn long

I think I'd better go dont you?
I think you would be happier wont you?
I think I'd better go dont you?
I Think it would be easier dont you?
I think I'd better go right now

I'll walk real slow towards my car
No doubt I'll loose my key
Come back inside search for days
And that's alright by me

I'll bet that old darn car wont start
You'll have to come and lend a hand
You'll smile and laugh and make a joke
We both will slowly understand

we've been sailing stormy seas
for too for too damn long long

And when I finally drive away
I will not glance behind
You wont be running down the road
To help me change my mind