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Conversation after thirty years (with Elizabeth Petty)

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These wonderful and haunting lyrics were written by Elizabeth Petty. I find them incredibly sad and happy at the same time. (Is that even possible?).


do you think it will stay this warm
from now until the start of spring?
or do you think it's a fluke kind of
bizarre climate change thing?
I don't really know.
whatever you believe
I will say that it is so

should we take the dog next time to a
new and different dog groomer?
or do you like the old puppy cut
she got from that lady on Spooner?

I don't really care
do what you think is best
for her and her hair.

did you see that the Bedfords
bought a new car I think it's a Jeep?
or do you think it is a Japanese
look a-like one they bought for cheap?

I don't really think
what the neighbors get
haven't seen their new car yet

did you ever imagine we would be
together for over thirty years?
do you ever remember worrying
that we would lack things to say dear?