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Heather and Juniper (with Bob Buford)

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This was a co-write with Bob Buford. Bob took the lyrics I had written and spruced them up and did a music bed which he sent to me. I recorded a melody which Bob mixed in with his wonderful drop D tuned guitar. This is the result.


Long ago in sweet dreams
Their fragrance I recall
The heather and the juniper
Grew wild past our back wall
But times so often change
And the elders of our town
Decided in their wisdom
To spread Conifers around

Father loved the Heather
And the Juniper so green
But Conifers he hated
And he vowed to change that scene
He woke us up one dark night
With a shovel in his hand
Then off to the offending field
To make his rebel stand

Dare I uproot the Conifers,
So tender and so small?
My heart would not allow it
And my tears began to fall
I worked at doing nothing
Though my father did not see
that Conifers remained there
Their fate known just to me

CHORUS Oh the lovely fields of heather
Lying purple in the sun
Embraced by fragrant juniper
Set by nature there to run
....For every choice you make
There is something dear to lose
....So what you get eventually
May not be what you choose.

In all the years that past
I forgot that fateful night
Until one day by accident
I chanced upon the sight
A field of purple Heather
Entwined with Juniper
Amid a lovely stand so tall
Of mighty Conifers