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A Bicycle built for two

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(G) Daisy, Daisy,
(C) give me your answer (G) do
(Am7) I’m (D7) half (G)cra(Em)zy
(A7) All for the love of (D7) you
It (Am) won’t be a (D7) stylish (G) marriage
I (G) can’t af(C)ford a (G)carriage
But (G) you’ll look (D7) sweet
Up(G)on the (D7)seat
Of a (G)bicycle (Am7) built for (G) two (D7)

(G) Ruby, Ruby,
(C) give me your answer (G) true
(Am7) Will (D7) you (G) let (Em) me
(A7) peddle along with (D7) you
When (Am) you and (D7) I go (G) cruisin’
(G) You’ll thank (C) me for(G)choosin’
You (G) to (D7) come
and (g) have some (D7) fun
On a (G) bicycle (Am7) built for (G) two (D7)

(G) Billy, Billy,
(C) give me your answer (G) do
(Am) I (D7) love (G) rid(Em)ing
(A7) do you love it (D7) too
(Am) Slow or (D7) fast or (G) faster
You (G) lead, I’ll (C) follow (G) after
The (G) path flies (D7) by
as (G) you and (D7) I
Ride a (G) bicycle (Am7) built for (G) two