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Copyright Joanne Cooper and Arthus Rossi

Here is my first contribution to 50 90. It is a co-write with Arthur Rossi


There was an old lamp when we were dating
We used to meet where the Danube flows
On an old bench I kept waiting
for you... long ago

The railing was also weathered and rusty
you leaned against it and then we kissed
Touches innocent and lovely
tell me what it is

keep on catching up with me
on kisses in the dawn
on springs lost and gone

These might be the years
when some things are clear
and you'lll understand
not every question has an answer in the end

I still love you I want to tell you
Those that're with endure a bad time
That's when this life wants to sell you
tears and fears...sometimes..

All hidden wonders dwell on lifes quarry
black gets blacker whiter stays whiter
Is this my story its not my story
Do i read or write