Have you always wanted to record your own song but have no idea how to go about doing this? Well now you can with this course and Band-in-a-Box for Windows from PG Music.

Whatever your level of musicianship you can do it! All you need is the desire. You don't even have to have any musical theory and you don't have to know how to play an instrument. Even if you have never written a song in your life. You can record your own song, or one of mine or even a cover of your favourite song. I will show you how to release it (and even sell it) on the world wide web. Where ever you are in your musical journey with Band-in-a-Box you are sure to learn something.

Note:to get immediate benefit from this course you will need to have already purchased Band-in-a-box for Windows from PG Music. Their website is here http://www.pgmusic.com

If you are not satisfied that this course has helped you, I will happily refund your money. No questions asked. No matter how long ago you purchased the course.


2 hours and 50 minutes of video training
Ability to download videos and view them offline (low resolution)
Unlimited lifetime access
Money back guarantee
Members only discussion forum 
Unlimited support from course leader

What you will learn:

  • How to set up your Band-in-Box session including choosing an appropriate style, key and tempo
  • How to set up your song structure
  • How to record, edit and tune your lead vocal using RealBand and a USB microphone or an audio interface
  • How to produce magnificent vocal harmonies
  • How to make your song arrangement sparkle using RealTracks and MIDI and by adding effects
  • How to prepare your song for release and to actually release it on the World Wide Web
  • How to write a song with the help of Band-in-a-Box


Video 1: Introduction to your first song with Band-in-a-Box for Windows – 6 mins 55 secs

Video 2 Setting up your Band-in-a-Box session - 11 mins 45 secs

Video 3: Record your lead vocal - 13 mins 11 secs

Video 4: Editing the lead vocal  - 19 mins 38 secs

Video 5: Harmonies – 19 mins 56 secs

Video 6: Sweetening up your arrangement – 19 mins 17 secs

Video 7: Using MIDI – 20 mins 42 secs

Video 8: Adding effects – 9 mins 3 secs

Video 9: Preparing your song for release – 16 mins 55 secs

Video 10: Releasing your song on the World Wide Web – 6 mins 9 secs

Video 11: Summary – 4 mins 59 secs

Video 12: Bonus video Using Band-in-Box in your song writing – 18 mins 52 secs


Charlie Fogle

I've purchased Joanne's First Song with BIAB course and found it to be well worth the investment. Intended for beginners, there are nuggets for intermediates and beyond.

For an absolute beginner, they can watch this video and use BIAB and RealBand and create a quality cover or original demo. Her step by step instructions are clearly given and easy to follow.

There should be something for the more advanced as well. For me, it was her journey through how she incorporates Melodyne into her recording process. I've had Melodyne for years but have never used it with BIAB/RealBand. I'm quite encouraged to pull the dust off my copy real soon.

Joanne's taken a product that at first glance appears (and can be) quite intimidating. She has pierced through music theory and an overload of program options and created a clear set of instructions and explanations so that any novice, regardless of musical ability, will be able to produce a song with BIAB/RealBand.

For those who venture outside the box, some of her unique workflow initiatives could inspire you to take a different path in your own recording techniques.

I've taken an online programming course in MIDI and some of her processes merge with MIDI components I've learned from that course and I'll be able to take some of the tricks she uses and apply them to create harmonies of much better quality than I'm able to now.

Joanne is very engaging and watching her video gives you the feeling you are there in the room with her. She's good at anticipating questions about procedures so you should never feel lost. If you do get lost, she has provided access to comments and questions. She also gives you downloads to watch and practice offline.

I consider myself very familiar with the BIAB/RealBand programs but feel that Joanne's course was beneficial and worth the price.

Mike McCafferty

+1 for the course. I bought it and am going through it. There's lots here I did not know especially about using Realband as a main DAW.

Joanne is quick to answer questions and her demonstration of production and editing techniques is first rate. New users especially, but even experienced ones can benefit from the material presented here.

Donna Evans

I purchased the 2017 Band-in-a-Box product but still feel overwhelmed about using it and have not been able to record anything yet. I’m excited to finally be learning BIAB. Thanks for putting this out and being so inspirational.

Jess Oakenstar

I've just finished watching video #6 in your BIAB video tutorial course and wanted to shoot off a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with your knowledge and talent! Phew! You sure are a dab hand at this :) Lots to learn, but your videos put things directly and simply, without over-complicating the steps. Thanks so much for recommending this video course to me. I'm pleased to have it to refer to over and over again :)

Ken Shoults (www.kenshoults.com)

Yes, I did access your course,and I found it VERY INFORMING. I was also very impressed with your knowledge and down to earth personality. I would love to keep in touch with you. I am a full time musician, entertainer, studio owner, etc, etc. I do a lot of composing and have written approximately 150 songs, both with lyrics and music.

Ian Dutton

I think that the course is very good value. I find Band-in-a-Box pretty complicated. The HUGE advantages are the styles, and the ease of entering chord progressions to get something down. I really liked your lesson on vocals and editing vocals because they are easy to follow.

John Sanders

I bought your course yesterday afternoon and since I had the afternoon off work, I proceeded to finish it by 9 in the evening. You did a wonderful job and I learned a lot

Roy Williams

I have just got through your videos on how to with BIAB. They are most informative and easy to understand. You have cleared up some of the points I was missing. I came across your course through BIAB links on BIAB's Facebook site. I have been using BIAB since about 1998 and made backing tracks to suite my duo for performing but never got around to recording but now I am retired and have a bit more time I am going down the recording path.Thank you for taking the time to share your BIAB experiences!