I have been busy creating a very simple load shedding app that shows all the slots a particular block is scheduled to be load-shedded. Currently, the App is only tested for Johannesburg but may work for other areas too. Please let me know on joanne@joannecoooper.co.za

You can download the free app from the IOS store here

And here is a link to the Google Play version 

It is also available as a Web App here

Please note: information for this app has been gathered directly from Eskom and I cannot be held liable if it is incorrect for any reason what-so-ever. If Eskom changes the scheduled stage, there may be a delay in updating the app.

If you have any problems with the App then please drop me an email on joanne@joannecooper.co.za

How to find what load-shedding block your area is in

  • If you are a Joburg City Power customer, then use this PDF to find out what block your suburb is in.
  • If you are in Cape Town, use this map to find out what block your suburb is in.
  • Use this PDF if you live in the Eastern Cape (Buffalo City Municipality).
  • Otherwise, you can download the free Eskom Se Push app and find your suburb. The block is the number in brackets after the suburb name.
  • If anybody has any PDF documents that may provide information on which suburbs belong to what block please forward it to joanne@joannecooper.co.za